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Engage in collaborative writing and content editing. Interact to co-create new content.


Create a repository for documents, videos, and audios. Groups can store assets, tag, lock, and link them for dissemination.


Host calendars to create, manage and search for events. Send alerts to users for upcoming events by email or text.


Facilitate conversations around shared ideas. Ask questions. Capture and share the knowledge of the workgroup.


Create one-time or on-going blogs around issues. Host conversations generated by the blog topic.


Pose questions to users. Get feedback through multiple choice polls. Manage unlimited polls.


Generate useful information and disseminate messages to groups.


Create surveys on key issues or as evaluation for an event.

Authentic Engagement

Can we really make sustainable change without the stakeholders? New approaches demand that leaders actively involve those that are closest to the work and those that are the intended beneficiaries. Sharedwork is a platform to build relationships across decision maker, practitioner and consumer groups in supprot of common goals, better understanding and learning partnerships

Bridging Tools

If we want active engagement, we must invest in developing knowledge and understanding among potential partners. Bridging tools are designed to be introductory pieces that convey critical information about a topic of interest and invite participants to share the information within their networks. Bridging tools create access to information so that stakeholders can move beyond receiving information and truly engage.

Leading by Convening

Some leaders know that real progress lies in changing individual behavior. When individuals change, practice changes and systems change. These leaders recognize that perspective on issues vary. They accept that real progress demands learning from and with stakeholders who are impacted by the issue. Leading by Convening is the name we give this kind of adaptive leadership.

Engage In Sharedwork

Leading by Convening

Explicit collaboration as a blueprint for the field. We invite you to imagine how authentic engagement can change your work and your outcomes!

Guidebook for teams

Let the Blueprint guide your new initiatives. 'See' your work through the eyes fo the intended audience.

Personal guide

Use the Blueprint to help you think deeply about your current practice. Learn Simple strategies to improve engagement.

Capacity building resource

Let the blueprint help you achieve broader and deeper engagement of the stakeholders. Turn stakeholders into allies!
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Become an adaptive leader

Learn to work on the human side of change.

Learn what everbody knows ... and might be willing to do!

Authentic engagement creates new capacity.

Get in on 'the landscape' of the issues.

Learn what others are doing ... and connect your common work.